Small Groups


The vision of our discipleship ministries is to connect, equip, and launch people into ministry in order to impact our community and our world. This all starts with building a strong community of people here at Discovery Church. Connection groups will allow a small group of people to focus in building relationships in a relaxed, informal, and safe environment.



Connection groups are social and relationship focused.

You get the freedom to decide if you want your group to share a pot-luck meal together or meet over dessert and coffee. It’s really up to you.

Connection groups are primarily focused on groups of people in similar life stages. However, anyone is welcome in any group.

Our groups are semester based. That means we offer groups in the Spring and Fall.

Your group will have space for 6 – 8 adults, including yourself.


Contact Jeremy Crow to learn more This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it