Victoria Leland

Victoria Leland   -   Youth Pastor

Victoria began serving in youth ministry right after she graduated high school in 2008. Over time she developed a deep-seated love and passion for junior high and high school students. When many look at adolescents as “just teenagers”, Victoria strives to show young people they are more than “just teenagers”, but are individuals made in God’s image with a divine purpose and destiny. Her desire is to not only help students navigate through their adolescent years as Christians, but to equip and empower them to thrive in their adolescent years as disciples of Jesus. Her service as a student leader in the college campus ministry, Chi Alpha, revealed to her the great need there is to help and support students as they transition into the university setting so that their walk with Christ may continue on and flourish.

Victoria, one of eight children, enjoys spending time with her family. During her free time, if she isn’t hanging out with her family, she can be found outdoors or at the gym.

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