Discovery Youth

"God makes us strong and steadfast. "    1 Peter 5:10

Steadfast students lead by serving in their community. Generosity is a quality passed on to us as image-bearers of God. We believe in sharing our time, talents and resources is a practical way to take the love of Jesus to the people in our community and see serving a crucial element of developing faith in God.
Fun and friendship go together! We know that teens just enjoy spending time with friends so we create lots of space for fun events, sports, competitions, recreation and games together. We think Jesus is honored by the joy that comes with doing life with each other and the life-long relationships that are forged in these years of life.
Every young person matters and has something to offer right where they are.  We work to help each teen find their identity in Christ and learn how they've been gifted to serve their generation well.  We teach them to know God as Father, follow Jesus as Savior and hear the voice of the Spirit personally which cultivates a life of knowing and serving God.

Sunday Evenings
5 - 6:30 pm

Get Connected. Stay Steadfast.

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